1. Leah says:

    A. 10:00 (strict) muscle up work. Got in 5 solid kipping muscle ups.
    B. Heavy snatch – got 140# !! 5# unsee my PR.
    +3 sets:
    30 WB, 14# @ 10′
    20 CTB
    2:22 2:28 2:00
    +3 NFT: 30 banded good mornings and 15 ub hspu.
    Today was a much better day.

  2. Andrew says:

    A. Shoulder was feeling a little wonky on these, so I only did a few strict muscle ups and some front lever slow decants.
    B. Worked up to 185 fine, but I failed 195 twice and called it. Just felt off a bit, was getting it way over my head.
    C. Don’t remember the exact times
    D. Complete. HSPU were a bit harder than last week after the wall balls, but all were unbroken.

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