From health to performance goals, in individual or group settings, for absolute beginners or seasoned athletes alike, we offer the programs and services that will drive consistent, long-term progress. Regardless of which path you take here, simply show up, put in the work, and earn the results.

CrossFit For HeathExclusive Coaching

CrossFit for Health

A 60-minute structured & coached class designed to create structural balance and make long-term gains in strength and aerobic capacity. Each session is theme-based & semi-individualized, as our coaches will adapt the training to ensure that each athlete is performing the best movements to allow them to progress safely and continuously over time. This is the perfect setting to learn how to train, to get hands-on coaching in a group setting, to see improvements in long-term health & fitness, and become a member of the CSC community.

Exclusive Coaching

Whether you are looking to maximize your sport-specific potential, re-hab an injury, or find balance within a hectic schedule, there is no substitute for an intelligently designed, individualized program to achieve your individual goals. After an initial consultation to learn about your specific goals & lifestyle, our qualified and experienced coaches will guide you through the process of assessing your current abilities relative to your long-term goals, creating an individualized program to optimize that path, and continually adapt your program according to your training results and lifestyle. Regular consults, 1-on-1 instruction, and lifestyle/nutrition consults are included as needed. The EC program is available to both in-house and remote clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok if I'm out of shape and/or have never worked out before?

Absolutely. We see all clients with varying needs and abilities. Whether you're just beginning your journey toward health and fitness, training for a specific sport or goal, or just wanting to stay healthy, we can help.

What kinds of clientele do you currently work with?

We have been lucky enough to work with a diverse group of individuals. We have clients/members that vary in size, shape, age, strength, ethnicity, etc., as well, our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including corporate executives, teachers, medical professionals, firemen, policemen, military, moms, dads, children, all walks of life.

What if I can’t do the Workout of the Day?

One of the core principles of our training philosophy is that we can scale each workout to your ability level. The workouts listed on our daily blog are merely a template. If there are movements you cannot yet perform or are avoiding due to previous injury, your coach will help you find a proper substitution that will allow you to participate and still increase your fitness.

Why is the monthly membership fee so much higher than a regular gym membership?

What you are paying for at Cincinnati Strength is expert programming and high quality coaches. Our programs are designed to be as effective as possible while keeping your safety in mind. Every time you come to the gym you will be under the supervision of a certified coach.