Everyone’s path will be slightly different depending on their current fitness capacity, goals, and preferences.  Hear what people are saying about their experience at Cincinnati Strength


Alex Scott, CrossFit for Sport Client:


“I came to CSC after years of competitive CrossFit because I wanted to get better. I wanted to actually be coached, to have someone tell when to push more and when to pull back, and to be a part of a better approach to both daily training and high-level competition. Stephen has provided that coaching along with intelligent and effective programming that has allowed me fill the gaps in my fitness while still setting new personal bests in my favorite lifts. Everything here is set up to make people great, not only in the gym, but in the rest of their lives, as well.”


Karen Moon, CrossFit for Health Client:


“My husband started doing CrossFit it in November of 2012 and joined a nearby affiliate. He loved it so much that he decided to start competing and wanted programming & coaching to match those goals, so he changed gyms and joined CSC because of Stephen’s track record w/competitors. He talked non-stop (literally) about how much he liked the coaching and the environment at CSC.Though he had spent two years trying to talk me into going to one of the classes and giving it a try, I always resisted, content going to the gym I already belonged to that was full of ellipticals, treadmills, and machines. But as I watched as his body leaned out, got stronger, and capable of doing new movements like double unders, ring muscle-ups, and rope climbs, I realized that I really wanted to be strong and defined, as well. I just wasn’t getting that at my traditional gym even though I felt I worked out hard. So after two years of resisting, and despite being both scared and intimidated by the people who went there (even though I hadn’t even met them yet!) I decided to attend my first class in July of 2014. It was quickly obvious I had no reason to be concerned, everyone was extremely welcoming and encouraging, and the coaches adjusted the training to match my level of fitness. I absolutely loved it and have being there ever since. I’ve made so many new friends, I look forward to going to class and working out with everyone, and I am so much stronger than I’ve ever been. At nearly 47 years old I can honestly say that I love my body for the first time in my life. One of my initial goals was to climb the 15′ rope, and I’ve finally met that goal. In fact, I recently completed 10 full climbs in a single workout!”


Dave Hammond, Remote Exclusive Coaching Client:


“I was referred to Cincinnati Strength & Conditioning by a good friend that shared with me his postive experiences. At the time, I was weighing in at over 240lbs and was just prescribed Diabetes medicine. I was already taking high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. So, when my doctor told me that my A1C number was high and that I would need to be placed on addiional medicine, I was disappointed in myself. Then, I decided to do something about it, and made an appointment to visit Stephen at CSC. He developed a training plan for me that fit my schedule – with six kids, frequent business travel, and oversight for 800 employees, my time was limited. But, I knew this was important. Since starting with CSC four months ago, I have worked with Austin daily, via e-mailed training routines and occasional on-site evaluations. As a result of the overall plan, I have been taken off of my Diabetes medicine, lost over 12lbs and continue to build muscle! The next step is to be taken off the rest of my medications, and I’m confident I can get there through continued development of my individualized nutrition, lifestyle, and training program. Thank you Stephen and Austin for developing a workout routine that fits my lifestyle, for monitoring and adjusting it as needed, and most of all for teaching me a better way to take care of myself. My family also thanks you tremendously.”


Heather McCauley, Exclusive Coaching Client:


“In April 2014, after participating in group classes at CSC and following online competition blogs for almost 3 years, I asked Stephen Flamm to write individualized programming for me. I had competitive aspirations, but I recognized that I had some pretty major weaknesses which would need to be specifically addressed if I wanted to realize my athletic potential. I am overwhelmed by the amount of progress I continue to make since switching to individual programming. I have achieved or surpassed every goal I’ve set for myself. I wanted to get a muscle-up by the end of 2014, and Stephen’s program written exclusively for me enabled me to achieve that goal. In the spring of 2015, I struggled to complete one strict handstand push-up; 6 months later, I did 16 unbroken. I have measurably improved in every aspect, from absolute strength to aerobic capacity to improved proficiency with high-skill movements. Stephen is very knowledgeable about rehabbing various injuries, and he has ensured that I still make enormous progress while intelligently working around an injury. I eagerly await my weekly programming email like it’s Christmas, knowing that it contains one more week optimized for me to reach my goals. I won’t lie, sometimes there are boring days, but whenever I can’t see the big picture, I trust that Stephen does – and obviously, it works. This is the coolest project I’ve ever taken on, and it’s incredibly rewarding to follow the program, put in the work, and enjoy the results.”


Brandie Potzick, CrossFit for Sport Client:


“After two friends of mine joined CSC in January 2014 with very different goals, I watched from a distance for an entire year as each of them made incredible progress toward those individual goals. So in January 2015 I decided to leave my comfort zone and find out if the coaching, programming and environment at CSC could do the same for me. The myths I’d spent a year inventing about not being able to make friends and not being “ready” were immediately debunked. I was surprised by how Stephen’s programming and coaching met me where I was while intentionally and intelligently helping me progress to where I wanted to be. And I’m still surprised and inspired daily by the physical strength and talent of the people around me–but even more so by the quality of character this place attracts and produces. If someone would have told me sooner about the friendships I would develop, the experiences I would have (like being a member of the 2015 Regional team) or that I would have to set new goals six months in because I had already accomplished my original goals and then some… Well first of all, I wouldn’t have believed them. But I definitely wouldn’t have waited a year before finding out.”