The Facility

We have all of the essentials for strength and conditioning work, including Olympic barbells, glute-ham developers & reverse hypers, over 100′ of pull-up bars, Concept 2 rowers and ski erg, Assault Bikes, gymnastics rings, climbing ropes, sleds, medicine balls, plyo boxes, four dedicated lifting platforms, jerk and pulling blocks, strongman equipment, safe running and sled dragging routes, and over 20,000 lbs. of training plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, stones, and tires. It is a space perfectly suited for hard work and effective training, thoughtfully designed for the general health & fitness enthusiast, weightlifter, powerlifter, strongman, and CrossFit athlete alike. It’s not all hard-core, of course – we also have two showers, two restrooms, a flat-screen w/Apple TV, heat in the winter, a BigAss Fan to keep things cool(ish) in the summer, and the best gym dog of all time.